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LM2596 Step Down Converter II

1.5A 정전압 스텝다운 모듈


  • 제품아이디
  • P0086329
  • 판매가
  • 3,500(부가세별도)
  • 부품종류
  • Power Module For Arduino
  • DC Step Down Converter
  • 메이커
  • Any Vendor
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  • 중국 
  • 패키지
  • HS-2576
  • 현재고
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  • 최소구매
  • 1EA
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  • 1EA
  • 납기일
  • 14일 (재고소진시)
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1.5A 정전압 스텝다운 모듈
입력 : 4.0 ~ 40VDC
출력 : 1.25 ~ 37VDC
전류 : 1.8A(MAX)
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To create the highest price of similar products , to create the best-sellingLM2596With digital display module ! ! !

MarketLM2596Module does not output short circuit protection, output a short , module damage immediately , the current output capacity of less than 1.8A. This module uses the originalLM2596Large chip , matte surface , absolute output short circuit protection , really large current 3A. Wholesale cheaper, the lowest price , losing money sale, just for credibility!


Module Highlights:

1.Prices pleasant , intelligent, user-friendly design , has a high price!

2.Onboard voltage meter, voltmeter can be self-calibration , it will never exist voltmeter inaccurate problem!

Module performance and features:

With a voltage meter display and voltmeter can be self- calibration . It uses a more advanced microprocessor voltage voltmeter error± 0.05V, Range0 ~ 40V. (To ensure the accuracy of the voltmeter , please ensure that the input voltage4.5Vthe above)

Touch the button to switch measuring input or output voltage , and has a light show which is being measured voltages , and save the settings , even off and then on.

Voltmeter can be turned off when not needed touch of the button on the left side can be easily achieved .

Band terminals , no iron can also be easy to use , and retention wire connection points.

Input voltage4.0 ~ 40V.(Input voltage must be higher than the output voltage1.5vthe above)

Adjustable output voltage range 1.25V~37VContinuously adjustable.(Input voltage must be higher than the output voltage1.5V)

Output Current3ARecommended2.0AInternal use , a large current needs to enhance heat dissipation .

Output Power20WMore than15WPlease enhance heat dissipation .

High conversion efficiency, average88%(Efficiency and input and output voltage , current, pressure related)

With reverse polarity protection, reverse does not burn

Overheating protection and short circuit protection

Size5.6 * 3.5 * 12cm( Long*Width*High )