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  • P0072908
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  • 부품종류
  • Telecom
  • 1240AL(SMD)
  • 메이커
  • UTC
  • 원산지
  • 패키지
  • SOP-8PIN
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Electronic Tone Ringer With Built-In BridgeRectifier
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Electronic Tone Ringer with Built-In Bridge Rectifier


The UTC LS1240A is monolithic integrated circuits and designed to be as a telephone ringer. It can drive a piezo-ceramic converter(buzzer) directly. The output current capacity of UTC LS1240A is higher than standard ringer. For driving a dynamic loudspeaker, UTC LS1240A needs only a decoupling capacitor to replace the usual transformer in use.


● Low current consumption.
● Integrated rectifier bridge with zener diodes to overvoltage Protection.
● Minimum external circuitry.
● Both frequencies of tone and switching are adjustable by external components.
● Integrated voltage and current hysteresis.