• 제품아이디
  • P0067627
  • 판매가
  • 1,000(부가세별도)
  • 부품종류
  • Telecom
  • 9170(SMD)
  • 메이커
  • 원산지
  • 패키지
  • SOP-18PIN
  • 현재고
  • 일반판매
  • 관련그림
  • 최소구매
  • 1EA
  • 기본단위
  • 1EA
  • 납기일
  • 2일 (재고소진시)
  • 관련자료
CMOS Integrated DTMF Receiver
  • 구매수량
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HT9170B/HT9170D DTMF Receiver

General Description

The HT9170B/D are Dual Tone Multi Frequency (DTMF) receivers integrated with digital decoder and bandsplit filter functions as well as power-down mode and inhibit mode operations. Such devices use digital counting techniques to detect and decode all the 16 DTMF tone pairs into a 4-bit code output.

Highly accurate switched capacitor filters are implemented to divide tone signals into low and high group signals. A built-in dial tone rejection circuit is provided to eliminate the need for pre-filtering.